The Beginner’s guide to introduce solid foods to babies

Introducing solid food to your little babies is quite challenging for new moms.

Starting solid foods would be around 4 to 6 months for most of the babies.

Does your baby ready for solid foods?

All babies don’t eat solids at the same time. It is different for different babies. Doctors suggest giving exclusive breast milk for the initial 6 months.

There might be cases where you need to introduce some solids earlier than six months.

  • When your breast milk only is not sufficient for the baby.

However, there are some signs when to expect solid foods :

  • When the baby has good head control.
  • Baby can sit with support.
  • When the baby is able to hold things and puts them in her mouth.
  • Baby eagerly looks into the food you are eating and tries to grab it into her mouth.

How to get started with Introducing Solid food?

You can start with fruits, veggies and some kind of cereals such as whole-grain cereal or rice cereal etc.

Start with the little amount of food. Offer little amount to the baby and the babies mostly spit out all the food in the beginning. That is quite natural.

They swallow very little amount of food.

Tips for New Mom’s for introducing Solids

  • Tip 1: Offer solid food just before breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Babies likely to eat more food before the breastfeed.
  • Tip 2: When the baby throws away the food or turn head that means they are done for that moment. Don’t forcibly feed the baby to finish the food.
  • Tip 3: Follow the 3-day rule before introducing any new food. Wait for 3 days before continuing that food.

Common Questions/FAQ About Introducing solids to babies.

Question 1 : What foods do you introduce to your baby first?

Babies first food should be very smooth and soft and also very easy to digest. You can start with the different type of fruit purees, veritable purees in the beginning. Later on, you can jump into more solid foods like rice items.

You can refer to the full guide here: Introducing Solid Foods to babies

Question 2 : Can I start my baby solids at 3 months?

You can start your baby solid food once the baby is able to sit on his/her own that is usually around 6 months. But in some cases, you may have to forcibly start the solid food for the following reasons.

  • When the baby is still feeling hungry after his regular feed.
  • When your breastfeeding milk is not sufficient for the baby.

Question 3 : What vegetables can I introduce my baby first?

You can give Carrot, Potato, Pumpkin in the beginning.

For more information on introducing vegetables to babies please go through the below guide.

 Introducing Solid foods to babies

Question 4 : At what time of the day can I give solids?

You can start introducing solids in the morning time between 10 am to 12 am depending upon your child wake up time.

Tip 1 : Start introducing solids in the morning time. Try one food at a time. Follow the 3-day rule. For example, if you are going to introduce sweet potato puree for your baby start giving it continuously for three days. If your baby likes it and doesn’t have any allergies then you can go ahead with that food.

Tip 2 : Don’t start introducing two types of food at the same time. Suppose you have started giving sweet potato this week Do not start with apple on the same day. Complete three days for the first food which you have introduced then decide whether you can continue giving the same food or not. Then go for the second food which you want to introduce.

Tip 3 : Always make sure to give solid foods to the baby before 7 or 8 pm. Because if you feed them late in the night there may be chances that they can not digest properly. Make sure to give the evening food as early as possible.

Question 5 : How many times a day should I feed solids to my baby?

It depends on the tummy of the baby. If the baby is feeling hungry even after breastfeed and solids you should feed him again.

  • Start feeding once a day.
  • If your baby still looks hungry in the evening start feeding twice a day.
  • Start feeding thrice a day once the baby is around 8 months. You can feed him following a proper schedule like once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once in the evening.

Question 6 : Do babies drink less milk when they start solids?

Yes, gradually babies drink less milk when you start on solids.

Babies still need the same amount of milk for some time. In the beginning stages of introducing solid foods, they are still learning how to eat. But as they started eating more solid food, they will naturally start drinking less breast milk or formula, depending on their hunger.
It is advisable to offer your baby a breastfeed or formula feed before you give them solid food when you have just started on solids.

Question 7 : At what age can a baby have a banana?

Babies can have a banana when he is around 6 months. You can give mashed banana or banana puree in the beginning even when the baby is around 5 months, However, you can give complete banana once he is around 1 year.

Question 8 : Do babies sleep longer when they eat solids?

Babies sleep longer when you feed solids is just an assumption.

Medical studies have not proven that feeding solids will help your baby sleep more. There is no fact in this old tale. There is no evidence that feeding solids will help your babies sleep longer.

Question 9 : Is sweet potato good first baby food?

Yes, Definitely. Sweet potato is fiber-rich food which helps to digest the food easily.

You can give Sweet potato puree in the beginning, Once the baby is around 9 months you can boil and mash them and feed the baby so that they can swallow easily.

Question 10 : What finger foods can I give at 6 months?

You can give a variety of finger foods once the baby is able to chew properly.

  • You can give sliced carrots
  • Sliced potato
  • Sliced sweet potato

Question 11 : Can we give banana during the cold?

Feeding banana during cold will increase the cough and cold.

Question 12 : When can I give eggs to my baby?

You can give egg yolk when the baby is around 8 months.

Give boiled egg white to babies when they are around 10 months. Cut it into small pieces and feed the baby.

The Last Thing You Need to Know while introducing solids to your little ones

  • Be patient and start feeding little amounts in the beginning and then increase the quality. Start with one spoon in the beginning stages then gradually increase to 2 spoons 3 spoons when they grew old.
  • What is your biggest challenge while feeding your babies? What food does your little one like most? Please let me know in comments below. I would love to hear from your experiences.

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