Foods to offer during Fever, Cold and Cough for Babies

Have you been worried about what foods to offer your baby during fever, cold and cough ?

You are in the right place.

For babies younger than six months breast feed or formula feed is recommended during fever, cold and cough.

For babies elder than six months you can give specific foods which are easily digestible and also helps the babies to fight with the infection.

Here is a list of foods which can be given to your babies during cold, cough and fever.

1. Apple :

You can offer apple to your baby during fever. Peel the apple skin and steam boil the apple by adding some water. Make it as puree and serve it to your babies fever.Apples are easy to digest.

2. Sweet potato :

Sweet potato can be given during cold and cough. Steam boil the sweet potatoes. Peel of its skin. You can make it as puree or Just mash the sweet potato after boiling it.

3. Barley water :

Barley water is also acts as good remedy for cough, and cold.

  • It gives instant energy to the babies.
  • Barley water is easily digestible.

4. Sabudana water :

Sabudana water is a good source of starch. It can be given during fever which gives instant energy to your baby.

5. Papaya :

You can give papaya puree to your baby during cough and cold once he is around 6 months. Peel the papaya skin, Remove all the seeds and cut it into small pieces and add them into a blender to make it as puree.

6. Carrots :

You can give carrot puree to your baby once he crossed six months. Peel the carrot skin, Steam boil the carrots and mash them or make them as puree and feed it to your baby.

7. Potato :

You can give mashed potato to your babies during cough and cold. Steam boil the potatoes, of its skin, mask the potatoes after cutting them into small pieces. Feed the mashed potatoes to your baby by adding little salt to it.

8. Citrus fruit juices :

Citrus fruit juices can be given during cold. Make fresh orange juice by using lukewarm water and feed it to your baby.

  • Citrus fruits helps to boosts up the immune system.

9. Pomegranate Juice :

You can offer pomegranate juice to your babies once they are elder than six months. Give it to your babies when they are down with cough and cold. It will give them instant energy.

10. Idly :

You can feed Idly to your baby when they are suffering with fever.

  • It is easily digestible.

11. Upma :

You can make ravva upma when your baby is elder than 6 months old.

It can be made instantly.

Make it as loose by adding more water so that baby can easily swallow.

12. Moongdal Porridge:

You can give moong dal porridge to your babies once they are around six months. You can go through the Moong dal porridge in this blog post.

13. Curd Rice :

You can offer curd rice to your babies once they are 10 months old. Add curd and milk to the soft cooked rice and add little salt and feed it to your baby.

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